Man to Man Massage


A stylish, blissful experience for discerning men to satisfy even the most selective of clients.

After taking multiple relaxation massage courses I started my own massage parlor in 2006 in Amsterdam. I wanted to use my own styling expertise to create an individual, stylish, well-being concept for man.


Meant for every man who wants to (re)discover his own 'man-being' in a stylish, professional and discrete manner.

The wellness centers, and massage therapists of today do not give me the well-being I am looking for. They are to commercial, impersonal and often without style or "over the top".


After receiving multiple massages from different therapists I thought to myself! I can do this a lot better and this can and has to change! That is why I created my own massage styles. Types of massages I would like to receive myself.

These are some of the reasons why I decided to create my own stylish massage parlor.


My massages are based on the Californian Esalen massage techniques and form the basis of my other massages. Like tantra, butt/rim and prostate stimulation.

With me it is all about your well-being. Intimate, connecting, sensual and relaxing.


I will probably take it further then you are used to compared to your regular massage therapist.

Giving and taking which will create a pure energy-exchange between therapist and client.



Relaxing full-body Esalen massage 60 minutes a € 80,-

Butt & Rim

Relaxing full-body massage focus on the butt with rimming 75 minutes a € 120,-


Relaxing full-body massage and Tantra 90/120 minutes a € 150,-/ € 220,-


Relaxing full-body massage & Prostate stimulation  90/120 minutes a € 150,-/ € 220,-


Relaxing full-body massage 120 minutes a € 300,-